Freqently Asked Questions

What do you mean by the 'fireplace/fire surround' and the 'hearthstone'?

The 'fireplace/fire surround' is the part that stands up against the wall. It can also be referred to as the 'mantel supports'. It often has a mantelpiece/mantel shelf at the top, and the hearthstone protrudes from it at floor level. The 'hearthstone' is the flat area immediately in front of the fireplace/fire surround. This is often raised, and can be made from slate/stone/marble etc.

My hearthstone is the same width as the fireplace, where should my club fender go?

It may help to look at the diagrams to the left of the measurement sheet, where you can see illustrations of the options. If you would like the seats to go around the fireplace and back to the wall, we have to make the base of the fender wider so as to allow for the inner overhang of the seats over the inside of the base. There will therefore be a strip of floor (approx 75-100mm/3-4 inches wide) showing at the sides, between the base of the fender and the fireplace/hearthstone. It is important to check whether there will be room for the seats against the chimneybreast or wall on either side of the fireplace. Also check at floor level. Any additional measurements or sketches would be helpful. Alternatively, the base of the fender, along with that part of the seat which is directly over it, can go back up against the wall, and we can cut out the inner corners of the seat or seats so that the other part of the seat will butt up against the uprights of the fireplace/fire surround. You can even have the entire fender resting on top of the hearthstone, if you prefer

My hearthstone is wider than my fireplace/fire surround. What is the best place for the club fender to be positioned?

Firstly, I would suggest you look at the diagrams on the measurement sheet as these may be helpful. This can be the ideal scenario. Depending on how much wider the hearthstone is than the fireplace, the base may be able to fit on the floor around the hearthstone, with the seats fitting around the fireplace. If there is not enough room for the inner overhang of the seats over the base,(approx100mm/4inches) we would have to make the base wider, but can fit infill plates to the base to cover the piece of floor between the hearthstone and the base. We can also position the seats slightly more centrally to alleviate this, or we can make cutouts in the inner corners of the seats so that they will fit around the fireplace.

Why do you ask me to measure the fireplace at 'seat height'?

This is because the fireplace is often narrower there so we can make sure the seats fit properly, and sometimes we need to see exactly how much narrower the fireplace is than the hearthstone.

Do you need additional measurements or sketches?

Over time and with experience, we have found that our measurement sheet generally shows all the dimensions we need. However, any sketches, photographs or other measurements will always be helpful. 

What are 'infill plates' and how are they fitted?

They cover the floor at the sides, if the base of the fender has to be made wider to allow for the overhang of the seats, but can also be fitted across the front if you would like the fender to reach further into the room than the hearthstone allows. These plates are made from thin brass or steel, and are attached to the underneath of the base. They can be made afterwards to fit precisely into the gaps if the latter are not rectangular.

I do not understand the pricing. Is it calculated by size, or design, or by the material I choose, such as brass or wood?

In fact it is a combination of all three. If you look at the Price List, you will see that it is set out in sections. First you select the style, then the base shape together with the choice of material, and you can then see the price in the accompanying box. The price shown is for a complete club fender, up to an inside width of 1525mm/60 inches by 600mm/24 inches. Prices do not include VAT, but this will be shown separately on the quotation and invoice. The price includes 180mm/7 inch seats in any of our stock leathers, with studs around the seats and the choice of square or round uprights and collars. With a 'straight across style', seat guards are included in the price. When a fender is wider than 1525mm/60 inches, there is a supplement of 10 per cent per for each extra 300mm/12 inches. Additional choices of finish, such as central twists on uprights, or deep buttoning of the seats, are shown on the relevant pages, together with the prices.

How long do you take to manufacture a club fender?

We prefer to be given approximately six to eight weeks, though the bronze finish can take a little longer. Up to Christmas is our busiest time, so please allow additional time then. We have managed to make one in a week for a particularly important occasion, but this is very much the exception as it does put a lot of pressure on our workshop.

I do not feel very confident about doing the measuring myself, can you come and help me?

Yes of course. There is no charge for this once you are ready to order a club fender from us. If you are not sure about the price, we can calculate this immediately from just a few simple measurements. A photograph is always a help. If however you only want advice at this juncture, we may sometimes make a nominal charge of £100 plus VAT, which is refundable should you subsequently decide to order a fender. If we happen to be in your area anyway, then there may not be a charge at all. As we are based very centrally near Reading, and also have a base in Perthshire, we can generally see clients generally anywhere in the UK within two weeks of their request being made.

I am worried about the brushed steel becoming rusty or discoloured, how do I look after it?

Our brushed and polished steel will never corrode or rust, and only needs dusting to maintain the finish.

Is the brass very shiny? Is it lacquered? I want it to look antique.

The brass is shiny to start with, but if left unpolished it will dull down in time and will look aged. If you prefer it to remain shiny, we can lacquer it with an oven baked finish, which is very hard wearing.

Do you have a showroom?

No we don't, although we are delighted to see people by appointment and show them the club fenders under construction. There are usually several finished club fenders to look at as well. It is a help to bring a photograph of the fireplace/hearthstone when visiting, plus very rough measurements.

What happens if I make a mistake with a measurement?

Well, after 30 years of making club fenders and with thousands made to customers' own measurements, I can say that there have been very few mistakes indeed, but when this has happened, everything has been put right very quickly and easily, and at minimal cost. We do not start the manufacture of any club fender until we feel sure we understand all the details of your order. This usually entails several emails or telephone conversations to double check any points that are not clear. Photographs of the fireplace can be a great help too.

Do you make club fenders for Interior Designers?

We are always very pleased to hear from Interior Designers, and have made thousands of fenders for the Design Industry all over the world. They have been chosen for many widely varying projects, and can be seen in hotels, boats and every sort and size of private house.

How much fabric will I need?

We will not be sure exactly until we have all the measurements and details of your order. However, if your fender has approximately 1500mm/60 inches inside width of base, then generally, for a plain fabric with no pattern repeat and a typical width of 140cm/54 inches, we would need one and a half metres

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