What the basic price of an Acres Farm Club Fender includes:

Fender Placement options

Every fireplace is different. If the hearthstone is wider than the fireplace, then this may prevent any gaps caused by the differance in width between the seat and the base. Below are three images showing a fireplace that is the same width as the hearthstone. You can see that there are three options; have gaps on the floor between the depth section of the base and the hearthstone; have the infill plates; or have cutouts. Infill plates are also available to fill the gap a the front of the fender if the fender needs to be made deeper.

Special Design Service

Although we have a huge range of styles, finishes and options that can create endless combinations, we do get asked to make special fender designs. The example below was created from a photograph that a client of ours had seen and wanted us to create - exactly. As we were going from an old photo, we had to work out the dimensions, and demonstrate these in a 3d image, shown below. The completed fender is shown beneath that. 

From Concept

To Completion

To Delivery

Some samples of special designs

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