Base Options

Square Base

A very minimalist base - also the least expensive. It measures 50mm x 50mm (2”x2”). Available in all finishes. See Gallery Image M

Stepped Base

A slim foot print but with more detail than the other profiles. It measures 65mm x 60mm (2.5” x 2 3/8”). Available in all finishes except stainless steel. See Gallery Image E

Large Formed Base

Our most popular profile - it measures 90mm wide x 50mm high. (3.5”x 2.5”). Available in all finishes.See Gallery Image A

Convex Base

Our most bold profile. It measures 100mm x 65mm (4” x 2.5”). Available in all finishes. See Gallery Image G

Chamfered Base

This base style works best in wood and can be curved as seen in the rounded curve style. See Gallery Image D

Wide Base with Inlay

Available in mahogany, Oak or Pine. It has a wide footprint which will fill the gap instead of an infill plate. The inlay can be any finish, normally matching the uprights and collars. It measures 150mm x 50mm (6” x 2”). See Gallery Image i

Dual Base

This is two large formed base styles, - used on our straight style fenders with dual base. See Gallery Image H


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