Manufacturers of Club Fenders since 1983

Acres Farm have been making Club Fenders for nearly 40 years.
The fenders are produced in the workshop at Acres Farm, Berkshire by their own skilled team, some of whom have been with them for over 25 years. They use up-to-date equipment, but the methods of manufacture, selection of the finest materials and emphasis on quality above all else, are in the highest tradition of British workmanship. They offer an enormous range of styles and finishes (Hand antiqued brass, hand bronzed brass, Unlacquered brass, brushed/polished stainless steel or stove enamelled paint finish) as well as a broad choice of leathers.
The stainless steel/brass fenders are made from pure stainless steel or pure brass respectively. Electro-plated finishes, even when lacquered, do not tend to maintain their durability for long before being chipped by careless kicks and exposing the steel underneath and thus begin to rust! If they aren’t oven lacquered then they will be fully exposed. We never ‘electro-plate’ our fenders.
All of our fenders are bespoke, please get in touch for a quote. 

The fenders are free standing and do not need fitting unless required.


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